A Memory of Crystal Spires

Once a society that spanned the sky in city-states of opalescent crystal and winged clockwork, the Anvari live monastic and largely ascetic lives in monasteries and keeps dotting the highest peaks of mountains through the Three Empires.


The Anvari are extremely pale of skin, having a high instance of albinism that robs them of their hair color, and makes their eyes a shade of pink that other races find off-putting. At one time, long and willowy, the Anvari have become shorter stock, with a wiry build created through generations of survival without most meats, off grains and what can be grown on the side of a mountain.


When the Dragons took to wing, and conquered the burning sands of the quiet east, the Empire of Anvu’Sith already counted itself ancient. Gifted by the Vijhuari with the knowledge of harnessing the sky, Anvu’Sith are said to have had a city in the skies for each of the stars in the night. When the world broke, and the Vijhuari were struck down, the cities of the Anvu’Sith fell to the earth in great clumps and a rain like shattered glass.

The Anvari sought out the mountaintop ruins of their former empire, the crystal now dull and brittle, but still bearing the marks of their ancient wisdom and hidden lore.

Cultural Notes

Anvari philosophy is similar to Daoism, and they tend to be largely fatalistic culturally. It is not anathema to them to simply allow great wars to sweep and tear at the cities living at the feet of their mountains, as this is simply the sweep and brush of time.

Artistically, Anvari culture favors simple musical performances, with voice-less acting. Unobtrusive, quiet, and most importantly, open to the interpretation of the audience, so that it may be the source of discourse. In truth, Discourse is the art-style of the Anvari, treating the spoken word and its application as an almost religious effort in their attempt to apply it clearly and evenly.

Traditionalist and conservative, Anvari society is almost wholly puritan and repressive. Marriages are arranged, and sexual encounters must be blessed by an astrologist, who determines if the time is correct for reproduction. Sexual titillation is the height of course, and barbaric behavior to the Anvari, and its allowance is what they consider to be the sign of a culture’s final days before barbarism.

Political Notes

Anvari are isolationists by nature, preferring to allow the tides of time to wash the “lesser” cultures away and raise new ones, rather than lower themselves from their peaks to risk the loss of their own.

Each Anvari Monastery is a small city-state in its own right, governed by the Voice of the Mountain; an Anvari who has, through meditation and fasting, communed with the mountain itself.


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